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Friday, July 29, 2011

Drawings and What-not

 Hey everyone, work on the land sailer is going great, I'm just about ready to finish up the mainsail, and I need to add reinforcements to the overall structure. Unfortunatley, I lost my camera, and couldnt take any pictures, so today, I'm just going to post a few drawings of various things I thought up. Some have a story behind them, others are just there. Warning! some of these images have been automatically rotated, and I cant seem to fix that, no matter what I do. Try not to spontaneously combust due to extreme confusion. Well, enough stalling, here they are.

 This right here is just a random design I drew up during class one day.

 This is a drawing of a seaplane. I like aircraft.

 During dull parts of my day, I tend to imagine some random wall will open up to reveal hidden corridors and whatnot. This is a physical manifestation of such a daydream. (Its rotated sideways).

It's a city on gigantic tank-treads! hooray for industrialism! (Also rotated)

If i were ever to build a land sailer, and ride the winds over long distances, on an empty road, this might be what I would build for such a situation.

A folding arm-crossbow design. I want one of these. (Alas, t'was rotated.)

 Hand/glove armor design thing. I once made a prototype with aluminum and hot-glue, but it was fragile. While it lasted though, it was pretty cool. (rotated)

 Its a drawing of an island. (rotated)

 A city, built in a pitch-dark cave. inspired by the city of ember. (rotated)

This was a drawing of a roman-esq city, combined with industrial revolution and steampunk features. (rotated)

So thats pretty much it, as far as drawings go. I'll have some pictures up of the land sailer so far, either today or tomorrow. Stay tuned! (Again, I'm sorry about the rotated pictures. Pretend your an owl and turn your head or something, I dunno.)


  1. Pretty awesome dude.

  2. Very cool. Awaiting to see what you'll come up with

  3. Whoa, those are some great illustrations man. Looks a bit like my own style... I should upload some of my sketches too...

  4. pretty impressive! *_*
    I especially loved the last two one, very detailed!

  5. you have too much free time hahaha best one was the second or the hand ballista like weapon hahaha

  6. I really like the sketches of the third drawing, you should go further with that one

  7. Wow, you are really talented. I want a crossbow like that too. Man that would be awesome!

  8. I would also like one of those arm-crossbows